The key to building successful MedTech and Life Science ventures

Unique and proven expertise that brings together the best technology and the best people


You have an idea that can
change healthcare?

TVH has a long experience to get great ideas to patients/customers. Inventors stays involved in whatever role is suitable for you. This to make sure that your inventions make it to the market.


Want to create impact and
lead your own start-up as CEO?

TVH will support you with coaching
(business- and personal development) so you can take responsibility to build and grow the start-up and bring the invention successful to the market. 


Looking for access to promising unique
(early) investment opportunities?

TVH brings together the best people to bring the invention to the market. With a proven track record in building successful life science technology ventures.


Unique and proven expertise that brings together the best technology and the best people


Mission – Vision – Strategy

– Idea and co-founder team formation
– What, to whom, why and how?


Lean Startup

– Minimum Viable Product
– Validate/ Iterate (or pivot)


Scale up

– Establish & Strengthen
– Process & KPI’s

Problem / Solution Fit

Vision / Founders Fit

Product / Market Fit

Business Model / Market Fit


Entrepreneurial ambition and/or potential scalable product or service idea for a big enough target market. Initial idea on how it would create value. One person or a vague team no confirmed commitment or no right balance of skills in the team structure yet. 


Defining mission and vision with initial strategy and key milestones for next few years on how to get there. Two or three entrepreneurial core co-founders with complementary skills and ownership plan. Maybe additional team members for specific roles also with ownership.


Committed, skills balanced co-founding team with shared vision, values and attitude. Able to develop the initial product or service version, with committed resources, or already have initial product or service in place. Co-founders shareholder agreement (SHA) signed, including milestones, with shareholders time & money commitments, for next period with proper vesting terms.


Iterating and testing assumptions for validated solution to demonstrate initial user growth and/or revenue. Initial Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) identified. Can start to attract additional resources/funding (money to work equity) via investments or loans for equity, interest or revenue share form future revenues.



Focus on KPI based measurable and/or market traction & market share in a big or fast-growing target market. Consider or have attracted significant funding or would be able to do so if wanted. Hiring, coaching talents, improving quality and implementing processes and manufacturing. Depending on vision, mission and commitments, will continue to grow. Founders and/or investors make exit(s) or continue with the company.


  • Building the best team around you to learn from

  • Learn from our experience – we know the pitfalls

  • We are at your service to succeed

  • Find clarity about your business ideas and goals


  • Set actionable short- and long-term personal and business goals and reach them

  • Be able to navigate roadblocks, get unstuck and strategize solutions

  • Be a great communicator and know your pitfalls

  • Master your mindset, stay motivated and follow trough


  • Make faster well-informed decisions with the advice and experience of your peers

  • Keep high-level goals in focus without getting stuck in the day-to-day business

  • Build momentum with ideas and goals translated into actionable, accountable steps

  • Improve your team’s personal performance with game-changing leadership and development tools

Expand Your Business, Leverage Your Energy and Be At Your Best!